20ml Syringe with 51cm Tube


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20ml Syringe with 51cm Tube

This 20ml Syringe with 51cm Tube is ideal for target feeding and injection liquid fertiliser into your substrate to provide a source of nutrient for the plant roots.  You can also use it to conveniently measure up to 20ml and add controlled doses of fertiliser and other supplements to the water.  If used in salt water the stainless steel tube must be thoroughly washed with fresh water.

In a contained environment like an aquarium nutrient replenishment does not occur naturally and therefore we need to aid this process.  Many tropical plants like amazon swords and Cryps have large root structure from which nutrients are absorbed.  In these cases fertilisation needs to occur in the substrate rather than the water column.


Volume: 20ml syringe
Size: 510mm Tube and 130mm Container

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