AQLink A1 Controller




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AQLink A1 Controller

The AQLink A1 Controller Brings Apex control to your DCT, DCS, DCP, QP and Crossflow pumps.  Each AQLlink A1 controls one pump, allowing you to program it using your Neptune Apex system’s 0-10v output.

Review the user guide manual before making a purchase.

Works With:
Jebao DCT/DCS Pumps – DCS-2000, DCS/DCT-3000, DCS-DCT-4000, DCS-DCT-6000, DCS-7000, DCS-9000, DCS-DCT-12000, DCT-15000
Jebao DCP Pumps – DCP-3000, DCP-4000, DCP-5000, DCP-6500, DCP-8000, DCP-10000
Coral Box QP Wave makers – QP-9, QP-16

If you do not have a APEX then the AQLink T1 and AQLink S1 Controllers are available to control Jebao pumps.

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