Auto Top-up – Gravity Fed with float valve


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Auto Top Off Float Valve

This Auto Top Off Float Valve automatically replenish evaporated water and controls water levels in aquariums and sumps.  The adjustable mounting bracket allows you to set the water level to any height from 2cm to 25cm below the top of a tank.  This is a gravity fed system that can be attached to any suitable water container from a 2 litre coke bottle to a 20 litre bucket.   The float valve allows water to fill to your set level and then closes to stop supply.  As the water level drops through evaporation or removing small amounts of water, the float valve opens to fill up to the correct level.


Float valve
Sliding bracket for the float and valve
2 meters of tubing
Tube attachment to container
Tank mounting bracket
4 plastic screws

Warning:  This float valve is not suitable for connection to a RO/DI system or water supply under pressure.

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