CO2 Colour Changing Absorbent


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CO2 Colour Changing Absorbent 500 grams

The CO2 Colour Changing Absorbent is made from Soda lime which is commonly used in the aquarium industry to remove carbon dioxide from the air before it is injected into a protein skimmer. This will raise the pH of your tank and help you reach or get closer to the 8.3 everyone desires. Soda lime is particularly helpful if you are running a calcium reactor or live in a tightly sealed house. This is pretty much the only way to continually maintain an elevated pH without effecting calcium and alkalinity levels.

This is  medical grade soda lime and has the following features not available in standard soda lime.

Contains a special Zeolite to reduce the risk of drying out which results in in the media lasting longer.
Uniform shape allows consistent bed packing, resulting in a more even flow through the cartridge and longer life span.
The unique manufacturing process used to produce our product ensures that the dust content of the product is significantly lower than other soda limes

Using Calcium Chloride

1) Fill cartridge with soda lime
2) Add one teaspoon of water to the bottom of the filter canister (not the cartridge). Do not get the soda lime wet.
3) Connect to the air intake of your skimmer.
4) Replace media when it turns purple or pH of the tank begins to drop.

Please note that the colour change is gradual and the media will get darker over time as it is depleted.

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