Hang-on Algae Scrubber


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Hang-on Algae Scrubber

The Hang-on Algae Scrubber is a natural water filtering device that uses light to grow beneficial algae on a rough surface with water flowing over it allowing aquarium hobbyists to operate their tanks like oceans and lakes. The algae that grows consumes nutrients such as nitrate, phosphate, nitrite, ammonia and even metals such as copper at a high absorption rate. The algae in this case grows on the filter rather than the nuisance algae in your aquarium or pond. The removal of these nutrients is referred to as scrubbing the water. The  can be used in both salt water or freshwater systems and typically assists in the removal of nuisance algae such as Cyno or slime, bubble, hair Chaetomorpha, Caulerpa and film algae. An algae turf scrubber filtration system can provide a lot of oxygen and stabilises pH levels which in addition to removing nutrients results in healthier fish, coral and other inhabitants.


Easy installation .
Effortless maintenance and algae removal.
600 L/H Pump included
Built in light
Removable mesh
Suitable for aquariums 100L to 150L


Size (cm): 15 x 7.5 x 15
Pump: 600 L/hr
Light Power: 12 watt