Jebao Wavemaker Controller


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Jebao Wavemaker Controller

The Jebao Wavemaker Controller may be used on all the Jebao wavemakers including WP, RW, SW and PP series

Jebao controller Modes of operation as follows:

W1: Pulses which will form a standing wave in your tank. Use SPEED button and thumb wheel to adjust

W2: Pump gradually speeds up and slows down varying between 30%-100%

Else: Changing pattern that creates a random flow cycle

H: Pumps operate at a steady flow rate and adjusted by the SPEED Button

C: 2 pumps operate intermittently P1 on / P2 off, P2 on / P1 off

Feed: Pump stops and will automatically start again in 10min

Lock:  Lock the controller and prevent accidental changes from occurring