Surface Skimmer to remove surface film


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Surface Skimmer

Does your aquarium have surface film or floating debris?

The surface film is either dissolved organic material from plants or protein scum from fish foods and causes undesirable biological process on the water surface, inhibits oxygen exchange and reduces light penetration.  Removing the film with this Surface Skimmer will improve oxygen exchange and light penetration.

It features a full control value, 360-degree intake float, flexible hose and a suction cup holder. Installation is rather simple and the skimmer can be used with most filter types.  By means of the flow control lever the rate of inflow can be balanced between the lower inlet and the surface inlet.  The surface inlet is designed to float on the water surface and adjustment should be made to skim 2-4 mm of the water surface.

This Surface Skimmer operated with filters up to 1500 l/h and will work in fresh and marine aquariums.

Please contact us if you have any questions about installing this in-line with your current or new filter system.

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