Weipro Ozone ET200


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Weipro Ozone ET-200

The Weipro Ozone ET-200 is capable of killing bacteria, algae spores and other harmful pathogens in your aquarium. Additionally, Ozone will raise your aquarium’s ORP (oxidation and reduction potential) level which helps to break down harmful waste in your aquarium. Ozone also improves water clarity for better light penetration and most hobbyists experience better efficiency from their protein skimmers. Ozone, when used properly, is one of the best methods of improving water quality and improving fish’s health in an aquarium.


Make ozone from the normal air
Providing clear and healthy water for your fish
Reducing the microbial load in the water.
Reducing the nitrate, ammonia and pollutants in the water
Improving the oxygen content of oxidation-reduction potential in the water.
Controlling the ozone output
Connect with the skimmer and air pump
Suitable for fresh water and salt water


Maximum Ozone Output: 200mg/h
Ozone Output Adjustment (mg/h):  50-200
Freshwater Tank Size: 500-4000l
Saltwater Tank: 500-2000L
Air Supply Flow (L): 50-500L
Power: 6 watt

Benefits in the aquarium:

  • Healthier corals and increased polyp extension due to the oxidation and breakdown of corals defensive toxins
  • Consistently clear water and proper light penetration due to the oxidation and breakdown of colour pigments.
  • Increased skimmer efficiency due to ozone causing waste particle to attract each other creating larger easier to filter particles.
  • Oxidation and breakdown of fish waste and uneaten food.

Safety Note

We strongly recommend using ozone in conjunction with an ORP controller to ensure it is used safely. It is extremely important to use carbon on both the air and water output of the reactor or protein skimmer. Ozone is not healthy to breath in large quantities so if you can smell it in your home at all please change the carbon.

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