The Founders

AquaRays Aquarium Products is the brainchild of Raymond and Valerie Klein, a New Zealand couple whose roots lie in Zimbabwe. After 5 years of service to the aquarium enthusiast community under the Trademe name ValRay, AquaRays (Valray Limited trading as AquaRay) represents the next exciting step of Raymond and Valerie’s dream.

Raymond Klein has been passionate about fish since he was 16, and built AquaRays with the vision of a community built on responsible purchasing and caring for all aquatic life. He brings the passion, lifelong learning and knowledge to the business, whilst Valerie is responsible for the day to day operations and enhancing the customer experience. Together they strive to provide the service, friendliness and expertise that their current customers have come to expect.


What We Do

We want to be the go-to place where all New Zealand fish keepers, from beginners to seasoned experts, can find the products and services that are right for them. To this end, we stock only the brands and products we, as aquarists, use, test and trust. Between our quality products and quality expertise, we aim to help you find success in aquarium keeping at an affordable price.

Overall, we pride ourselves on a job well done, in helping you keep a successful aquarium to be proud of and gives you endless joy.

Valray Limited trading as AquaRays



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