AquaRays – for New Zealand Fish Keepers

AquaRays is a New Zealand business serving all New Zealand aquarium enthusiasts, with aquarium supplies –  from the child with a small aquarium learning the basics to the experienced fish keeper striving for excellence.

Raymond, whose passion for fish keeping started when he was 16 yrs old, was inspired to start the business from the desire to foster a community built on responsible purchasing and caring for all aquatic life.  We love all aspects of owning an aquarium whether it be aquascape, reef or a fish only tank and will help you succeed, at the same time making it fun and easy for you!

AquaRays provides quality products and solutions at reasonable prices, but most importantly, we strive to provide you with the best service and advice to give you a successful shopping experience and help succeed in keeping a successful aquarium.

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Latest Products

10 inch Filter Bracket Three Stage


The Filter Bracket Three Stage is designed to take three 10 inch filter housings for RO systems and securely month them to a vertical surface.  The bracket is made from heavy duty steel in a “Z” shape and has universal pre-drilled holes for mounting.