Poseidon 200 Ozone Generator – Black Edition


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Poseidon 200 Ozone Generator

With an adjustable output, and patented cold-spark corona discharge technology, no other ozone generator come close to the performance of the Poseidon 200 Ozone Generator. The ozone technology inside the Poseidon 200 produces 220 mg/hr of ozone. The power supply converts 100-240 Vac/ 50-60Hz to 12 Vdc to operate with safe, low voltage operation.

Ozotech only does ozone and they do it well. Their products are not a sub line of an aquarium company whose specialty isn’t ozone.  The Corona Discharge unit is replaceable by the aquarium hobbyist in just a few minutes, where other brands require the user to buy a new unit when the corona discharge wears out.

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Ozotech has fantastic customer service. Troubleshooting and customer service phone calls and emails are answered promptly.  

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Brief Overview of Ozone

Unlike atmospheric (naturally occurring) ozone caused during a thunderstorm, your Poseidon 200 uses a Pulse Modulated Corona discharge (PMCD) to create ozone.

This occurs when an oxygen molecule (O2) passes across the corona gap air space. During this time, some of the O2 molecules are split, resulting in “free” oxygen atoms. These free, unstable oxygen atoms quickly attach to themselves to create ozone (O3). It is the extra oxygen atom that gives ozone its superior oxidation capabilities in water and air.

Benefits to your aquarium:

  • Healthier corals and increased polyp extension due to the oxidation and breakdown of corals defensive toxins
  • Consistently clear water and proper light penetration due to the oxidation and breakdown of colour pigments.
  • Increased skimmer efficiency due to ozone causing waste particle to attract each other creating larger easier to filter particles.
  • Oxidation and breakdown of fish waste and uneaten food.


  • 1 year Warranty
  • Patented Cold Spark Corona Discharge
  • Rugged Aluminium Enclosure
  • Stainless Steel C/D Manifolds
  • Factory Tested and Calibrated
  • Medium Frequency, Solid State Electronics
  • Wall Mountable
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Unlike UV ozone generators, the output does not degrade overtime
  • High output gas concentration for enhanced solubility
  • Simple and reliable operation
  • Easy to service, virtually maintenance free


  • Power: 7.2 Watts
  • Operating Voltage: 100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz regulated to 12 VDC 2A
  • Current: 0.6 Amps
  • Dimensions (cm): W 10.8 x H 2.4 x L 19
  • Variable Output: 0-220 mg/hr
  • Maximum pressure of 5 PSI
  • Ideal airflow rate 2-10 Standard Cubic Feet per Hour (SCFH)


Safety Note: We strongly recommend using ozone in conjunction with an ORP controller to ensure it is used safely. It is extremely important to use carbon on both the air and water output of the reactor or protein skimmer. Ozone is not healthy to breath in large quantities so if you can smell it in your home at all please change the carbon.