DI-Air Dryer 2.0


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DI-Air Dryer 2.0

The DI-Air Dryer 2.0 is a small affordable air drier that is designed to change colours when the desiccant media stops producing dry air. Its compact size and affordability makes it the perfect choice for small ozone applications with a low duty rating. Once exhausted the media can be recharged in your oven or in the sunlight in dry locations.

When using an ozone generator, it is essential to ensure the incoming air is dry because moisture can interfere with the ozone production process and reduce the efficiency of ozone generation. In some cases, air dryers are used as a pre-treatment step to remove moisture from the air before it enters the ozone generator.

By installing an air dryer before an ozone generator, the air passing through the ozone generator becomes drier. Dry air allows the ozone generator to function optimally, resulting in higher ozone concentrations and more efficient ozone production.

Incredible quality and value in an ozone feed air treatment line that will provide flawless service and performance.

View the DI Dryer 2.0 Installation and Operation Manual here


  • Silica gel beads are rechargeable by simply baking in an oven
  • Maximize Ozone Generator performance
  • Extends Ozone Generator life
  • Dimensions (cm): W 12.7 x H 30.5 x D 10.2

What’s Included:

  • 1 x DI Dryer 2.0 w/desiccant media cartridge installed
  • 1 x Mounting bracket
  • 4 x Mounting bracket screws
  • 3 x Wall mounting screws
  • 2 x 1/4” x 6mm barb tubing connector
  • 1 x Lubricant package and instructions
  • 243cm x 6mm ID x 9.5 OD clear tubing

We strongly recommend using an Air Dryer in conjunction with an ozone generator.