Klir Di-4 Fleece Roll


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Klir Di-4 Fleece Roll

Designed to work with the Klir Di-4 Drop-In Fleece Filter System

The Klir Di-4 Fleece Roll is a replacement 25 yard (23m) 50-micron roll of fleece directly from Klir. Rolls can last anywhere from a few weeks to 3+ months and will vary depending on your aquariums bio-load, feeding habits, and a few other variables. The 50-micron fleece can handle up to 2840 LPH through the 4″ Klir filter system. Using 50-micron fleece will double if not quadruple the filtering performance of traditional filter socks leaving you with crystal clear water in your aquarium!

What’s Included?

1x 25 Yards 50-Micron Fleece Roll
1x Disposable Collection Spindle