MicMol MASTER for Planted Aquariums


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MicMol MASTER for Planted Aquariums

The perfect balance of style and performance!

Introducing the new generation of MicMol lights for the professional aquascaper or anyone who wants to get the most from their planted aquarium. The MicMol MASTER Planted LED is designed with one goal in mind, performance. A selection of WRGB LEDS provides a full spectrum output, diffused by a diffusing panel to enhance colour mixing and deliver a uniform light spread across the aquarium. The unibody design incorporates an efficient heat sink and shade cover to expand heat dispersion. The shade cover prevents light leakage and reduces glare from the light.

Every aspect of MASTER is designed in pursuit of performance. From there anything is possible.

The Bluetooth APP Controller connects you to all your MicMol devices to easily control them from the iMicMol mobile App. The ability of the module to use Bluetooth makes connecting to the light easy and fast.

iMicMol App

The iMicMol App connects to all WiFi and Bluetooth MicMol controllers to easily control your light with your android or Apple device. The latest user interface design has two main modes to control the 4 channels intensity and timing. Manual mode allows you to manually set the channels intensity for a specific requirement while the auto mode gives you the ability to set a 24 hour auto cycle across the channels.

Mounting Options:

The MASTER Planted has two mounting option in the box, extendable bracket and hanging kit.


Model: MASTER 600

Power: 168 x 0.5W = 84 watt
Size: 60 x 16 x 4cm
Bracket coverage: 60cm to 80cm
Aquarium Coverage: 60cm to 90cm (hanging)


  • 63pcs White (CH-A)
  • 21pcs Blue (CH-B)
  • 42pcs Red (CH-C)
  • 42pcs Green (CH-D)

Model: MASTER 900

Power: 224 x 0.5W = 112 watt
Size: 90 x 16 x 4cm
Bracket coverage: 90cm to 110cm
Aquarium Coverage: 90cm to 120cm (hanging)


  • 84pcs White (CH-A)
  • 28pcs Blue (CH-B)
  • 56pcs Red (CH-C)
  • 56pcs Green (CH-D)

Model: MASTER 1200

Power: 336 x 0.5W = 168 watt
Size: 120 x 16 x 4cm
Bracket coverage: 120cm to 140cm
Aquarium Coverage: 120cm to 150cm (hanging)


  • 126pcs White (CH-A)
  • 42pcs Blue (CH-B)
  • 84pcs Red (CH-C)
  • 84pcs Green (CH-D)

Light Spectrum

What’s in the Box

Master Planted Light
Buletooth App Controller
Hanging Kits
Adjustable Bracket
Power Adapter
Power Cord
User Manual

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Master 1200, MASTER 600, Master 900