Lighting is an essential component of the reef and planted aquarium and required by any inhabitant that uses light for photosynthesis to generate energy and food.

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Beamswork EA-30 LED Light


Looking for a reasonably priced LED light that is energy efficient and bright enough to light up your small freshwater or marine aquarium then the Beamswork EA-30 8w LED light is the one for you.

Fixture Size (cm): 30 x 9 x 3 (Add 5cm in height with bracket installed)
LED Power Rating: 0.5 watt high output LED’s
LED Type: 21 x 10,000K 3 x Blue 460nm
Power Usage: 8 watts

Beamswork EA-90 LED Light 90cm


Beamswork EA-90 LED Light 90cm

Fixture Size (cm): 90 x 9 x 3 (Add 5cm in height with bracket installed)
LED Power Rating: 0.5 watt high output LED’s
LED Type: 52 x 10,000K 8 x Blue 460nm
Power Usage: 17 watts


Coral Box M1-30

$559.00 $300.00

The Coral Box M1-30 has 4 programmable channels with dimming control to adjust each of the 4 channels from 0 to 99 intensity levels. The time controller allows you to set the light levels nine times in 24 hours and the system will auto dim to the set brightness at the time you set.
Power: 54 watt
LED Chips:

  • 6 x Cree White 10000K
  • 4 x Cree Royal Blue 450-465nm
  • 3 x Cree Blue 465-485nm
  • 2 x Semi Violet 420-440nm
  • 1 x Cree Green 520-530nm
  • 1 x Cree Red 620-630nm
  • 1 x Semi Moonlight 460-465nm

Size (cm): 27 long x 26 wide x 4.7 high

Coral Box Moon LED Plus


The new Coral Box Moon LED Plus light has 6 dimming channels controlled via an app on your Apple or Android smartphone.
Power: 59 watt at 100%
Size (cm): 17.5 Length x 17.5 width x 3.4 height
LED Chips:

  • Channel 1 White: CREE XTE 5W 7000-8300K 4pcs
  • Channel 2 Blue: CREE XPE 3W Royal Blue 450-465mm 5pcs
  • Channel 3: Epileds Purple 420nm 3W 1PCS + Deep Ocean Blue 445-450nm 3W 1 PCS
  • Channel 4 Moonlight Blue: CREE XP-E 3W 465-485nm 2pcs
  • Channel 5 Green: CREE XP-E 3W 520nm 1pcs + Philips 3W Cyan 490-515nm
  • Channel 6 Red: CREE XP-E 3W 620nm 1pcs + Cree Amber 585-595nm 1pcs 3W

KEY K5s-80-DEX

$985.00 $873.00

KEY K5s-80-DEX Specifications

Size (cm): 79 x 34 x 3.5 (x 2 units)
Max Power: 250W
Lens: 120 Degree
Tank Scope (cm): 120 x 100 or 200 x 50
Control: 24 hour simulation
Coral:  SPS and LPS
LED Chips:

  • 8 x Cree XP-E II Cool White (8000K) 430-660nm
  • 24 x Cree XP-G White (6000K) 430-660nm
  • 36 x Cree XP-E Royal Blue 440 470nm
  • 8 x Bridgelux Fiji Purple Plus 440-680nm
  • 8 x EPLLEDS True Actinic 405-420nm

Marpros Angel Eyes LED Light


Duel Lens Output LED
Moon LED Function
4 Different LED Chips
2 White / 6 Blue / 1 Royal Blue / 1 UV
Timer Function (not adjustable)
Active cooling system
Adjustable aluminium bracket

Metal Halide Lamp-150w 10000k RS7


The Metal Halide Lamp-150w 10000k produces a strong directional light which penetrates deep into large tanks with good efficiency.

Kelvin: 10000K
Interface: R7S
Power: 150W
Length: 135mm
Average Life time: 6000 Hour