Smart LED Controller


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Smart LED Controller

Want to convert your budget LED light to programmable LED Light? Now you can in a few easy steps with this Smart LED Controller. Like magic your standard LED light can automatically be switched on and off at your specified time and programmed to sunrise and sunset dimming. This Smart LED controller works with our ZJL lights or any light under 36VDC, 100w.

Caution: If you are not using this device with a LED light from our store, you must make sure your LED light is running with a constant voltage AC/DC adapter before purchase. Please consult your supplier whether your LED is constant voltage.


8 programs – set 8 different light intensity at 8 different times during the day.
0-100% adjustment on each setting.
Built-in clock to set the intensity change at your preferred time.
Power disconnected memory – your setting will remain in the device even power disconnected, and it will resume the setting once you connect the power again.
Easy to use, simply take the controller out from box, and connect it between the LED light and the AC/DC adapter.
Change intensity linear over time to imitate real sunrise and sunset.


DC Control: under 36 VDC and 100w
Size (mm): 70 x 39 x 5.5
Connector: DC5.5 (you need to make sure your fitting is using this connector).

Area of use:

Planted aquarium – simulate sunrise and sunset for the day, less algae problem with longer lighting period.
Arowana (Dragon Fish) aquarium – leave on 1-3% moon light through the night to reduce stress and prevent the fish from swimming into ornaments or glass sides.
Cooling fan – set on and off times or adjust fan power according to temperature change during the day.
DC water pump – can control DC circulating pump to simulate different current during the day and night.


Short press to turn on and off
Long press to go into clock setting, use +/- to adjust hour and minutes, then press Menu to exit

MIN/L+ – Increase intensity %

HOUR/L- – Decrease intensity %

Short press to change mode, Long press goes into program setting
NO-1 & Time flash, use +/- to adjust 1st program, then press M
L000 flash, use +/- to adjust intensity for 1st program, then press M to next
NO-2 & Time flash, then repeat the process to complete all 8 programs

Caution: If display shows “–:–” the setting was not recognised.


L00*/Time rotate – controller is working at one manual setting
AUTO/Time rotate – controller is running the programs automatically, device default is AUTO, it goes in to AUTO mode once you connect to power.