Air Pro Planted


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Air Pro Planted

Introducing the new generation of MicMol lights. The Air Pro Planted Series provides the perfect balance of light, efficiency and style. The new thinner and lighter Air Pro Planted controllable full HD spectrum LED fixture is created from 100% recycled aluminium. Its brushed silver, ultra-slim profile design gives it an aesthetic edge over the competition, a work of art that does not detract from your aquarium.

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The Air Pro fixture has a smart aluminium unibody design that is passively cooled, so no loud cooling fans are required. The Air Pro Planted is 25% more powerful than the original Aqua Air, packing more wattage into an overall thinner, more streamlined design.

The Air Pro features a silicone thermal pad to quickly dissipate heat and reduce light decay. The fixture`s HD oven-tempered glass yields 97% HD light transmission with zero yellowing. It`s also sealed with waterproof tape to ensure water resistance.

iMicMol WiFi APP Control is a cloud-based service that connects you to all your iMicMol devices to easily control them from anywhere. The ability of the module to use Bluetooth makes connecting to the light easy and fast.

Mounting Options for the Air Pro Planted:

The Air Pro Planted was designed with pros in mind by providing three mounting options and making it perfect for any aquarium design. Standard rimless, single point or Suspension options are achieved with the standard side brackets or optional hanging kits, and Pro Stand.

Air Pro PlantedAir Pro PlantedAir Pro Planted



Model: AP-600-P

Power: 168 x 0.5W = 84 watt
LED Type: 0.5W 5730 SMD
Size: 60 x 16.5 x 1.5cm
Bracket coverage: 60cm to 80cm


  • 63pcs White (CH-A)
  • 21pcs Blue (CH-B)
  • 42pcs Red (CH-C)
  • 42pcs Green (CH-D)

Model: AP-900-P

Power: 224 x 0.5W = 112 watt
LED Type: 0.5W 5730 SMD
Size: 90 x 16.5 x 1.5cm
Bracket coverage: 90cm to 110cm


  • 84pcs White (CH-A)
  • 28pcs Blue (CH-B)
  • 56pcs Red (CH-C)
  • 56pcs Green (CH-D)


What’s in the Box

Air Pro Light Fixture
App Controller
Standard Bracket
Power Adapter
Power Cord
User Manual

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AP-600, AP-900