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AQLink A1 Controller

AQLink A1 Controller


The AQLink A1 Controller brings Apex control to your DCT, DCS, DCP, QP and Crossflow pumps.  Each AQLlink A1 controls one pump, allowing you to program it using your Neptune Apex system’s 0-10v output.

Review the user guide manual before making a purchase.


AQLink S1 Controller

AQLink S1 Wireless Controller


Control your Jebao pumps with the AQLink S1 Wireless controller via a smart phone Android and IOS app.  Each pump or wavemaker will need its own AQLink controller which you can then control on your smart phone app.  The smart phone app can control up to 3 AQLink connected pumps on the same network.

AQLink T1 Controller

AQLink T1 Wireless Controller


Control your Jebao pumps with the AQLink T1 Wireless controller via a smart phone Android and IOS app. Control up to 3 AQLink connected pumps.

Works With All Jebao DCT and DCS pumps
The AQlink S1 Controller is available for Jebao DC pumps, Jebao Wave Makers and Coral Box Skimmers

AquaCool Fan Controller

AquaCool Fan Controller


This AquaCool Fan Controller is the perfect product to control your 12 VDC fans and only switch them one when a specified temperature is reached

3 speed settings
Temperature setting between 10 and 40 degrees C
Temperature probe with 140cm long cable
Easy programming
Large LCD display
Rim bracket up to 18mm

Programmable Timer

Programmable Timer – 3 Socket


This Programmable Timer with 3 sockets each individually controller is a great addition to your aquarium.  Instead of having multiple timers you only need this one precise unit to control your lights, CO2 supply, Oxygen or pumps


Temperature Controller

Temperature controller


This Temperature Controller includes a NTC 10K sensor and is designed to be used for either heating or cooling

Input Voltage: 220-240 50/60Hz
Switched Output: 220VAC 3A (600w)
Temperature Range: -40 to +85 C
Backlash: 1 to 15
Temperature Deviation: -15 to +15 C
Time Delay: 1 to 3 min

Weipro pH Controller

Weipro pH Controller PH2010


The Weipro pH Controller monitors and controls pH levels in the aquarium. Weipro offers affordable high quality pH and ORP equipment for the aquarium hobbyists.

Large LED Display
Real-time PH testing operation
Simple Operation for monitor PH value
Durable and Reliable
Ideal for Salt Water and Freshwater
Includes PH calibration solution
The controller can power the CO2 on and off to control the PH value