HM Electronics ATO System


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HM Electronics ATO System

The HM Electronics ATO System is a package that consists of the Coral Doser and one ATO Level Sensor to provide a robust and accurate Auto Top Off for replenishment of evaporated water.  Add a second sensor to double reliability.  The MyHME App allows you to program the ATO system with the rate of dosing and the interval this is applied.    Additionally the MyHME App manages your freshware supply levels and notifies your before the container is empty.

The Coral Doser is a newly developed peristaltic dosing pump, where creativity in design and engineering has been applied to the all-important dosing requirement in our reef and freshwater aquariums. The stepper motor driven Coral Doser has software that enables super precise motor ‘micro stepping’ to deliver a ridiculous 1/80,000th of a rotation for infinitely small doses.

View the Coral Doser Product Release Video Here


Ultra Precision – Precision DC stepping motor with micro stepping controlled technology achieves accuracy of ±0.05ml (<5ml) and ±1% (>5ml) or 0.4% (>5ml) mean deviation.

Long-term accuracy and stability – The stainless steel ball bearing roller and stepper motor can keep exactly the same accuracy after dosing 60000ml.

Wide range of dosing capability – Automatic rapid water changes or adding additives continuously and slowly in the dosing range 0.1 ~ 105ml/min.

Cost savings for Pipes – Ultra-low friction design ensures tube life up to 1 year (200ml/day).

Calm – Quiet operation over the entire speed range.

Easy to maintain – The tube can be easily replaced without tools.

level sensor:

  • Coral Doser can connect with two water level sensors
  • Two separate sensors, double reliability
  • Top up slowly and accurately
  • Enables you to maintain water quality


  • Select Schedule and choose ATO
  • Set the daily start and end time
  • Set an interval between each dose
  • Choose the amount of ml per dose
  • Set the rate (ml/min)
  • Set the volume of water in the supply container and notification.


  • Model: Coral Doser P1
  • Dosing Heads: 1
  • Adapter: 12V/5.0A X1
  • Dimensions (mm): 72 H x 72 W x 67 L
  • Accuracy: ±0.05ml(<5mL),±1%(>5mL)
  • Average deviation: 0.4%(>5mL)
  • Dose Rate: 0.1~105ml/min
  • Daily Dosage: 0.1~2000ml/day
  • Input voltage: 100~240VAC,50/60Hz
  • Tubing connection:  4mmID,6mmOD