Weipro PH-2010 Controller


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Weipro PH-2010 Controller

The Weipro PH-2010 Controller monitors and controls pH levels in the aquarium. Weipro offers affordable high quality pH and ORP equipment for the aquarium hobbyists.

Weipro PH-2010 Features:

Large LED Display
Real-time pH testing operation
Simple Operation for monitoring pH levels
Durable and Reliable
Ideal for Salt Water and Freshwater
Includes PH calibration solution
The controller can power the CO2 on and off to control the PH value


Measurement: 0-14pH
Resolution: 0.01pH
Accuracy: 0.01pH


Connect the AC power.
Connect the PH electrode to PH terminal.
Put the PH electrode into the buffer solution with the standard PH7. Adjust the knob CAL/PH7 with the plastic screwdriver until the display reads 7.00.
Put the PH electrode in the water after calibration and start to work.

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