We have the widest range of aquarium CO2 Supplies in New Zealand to help you achieve great results in your aquarium.

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InLine Check Valve

2 x InLine Check Valve


This inline check valve is suitable for air and CO2 systems to prevent water flowing back down the tube to the air pump or CO2 generating equipment, whether pressurised or DIY.  Pack of 2 inline check valves.

CO2 Indicator


The CO2 Indicator shows the level of CO2 in your aquarium by the colour of the test solution within the sphere

CO2 Spiral Diffuser

CO2 Spiral Diffuser


A beautiful blend of form and function, this CO2 Spiral Diffuser is as cool to look at as it is effective in measuring and diffusing CO2.  As CO2 bubbles rise in a spiral, you can easily count the number of CO2 bubbles. The 2.5cm ceramic plate allows excellent diffusion of the CO2 into tiny streams of bubbles.

Large Suction Cups

Large Suction Cups


This pack of 2 Large Suction Cups are made from premium rubber and ideal for replacing the suction cups on CO2 diffusers and filters.

Cup diameter: 26mm
Neck diameter: 10mm
Hole diameter: 4mm

Mini Glass CO2 Diffuser


This Mini Class CO2 Diffuser diffuser is perfect for the nano aquarium and produces tiny streams of bubbles that rise slowly from the ceramic disk.

Suction Cups

Suction Cups


This pack of 3 Suction Cups are premium all in one rubber suction cups with tube grips suitable for Air or CO2 tubing.
These will not degrade in water and break or lose their grip like the plastic ones.