Temperature controller


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Temperature controller

This YangMing 981 Temperature Controller includes a NTC 10K sensor and is designed to be used for either heating or cooling.  The 3 amp switched output can be connected to heaters, fans, or cooling system.  The controller has a large LED display and easy to program.


Heating or cooling mode
Backlash setting to prevent your device from switching on and off rapidly.
Upper temperature limit Lower temperature limit
Temperature deviation adjustment to correct difference between measured temperature and actual temperature.
Time delay for compressor protection


Model: YangMing 981
Input Voltage: 220-240 50/60Hz
Switched Output: 220VAC 3A (600w)
Temperature Range: -40 to +85 C
Backlash: 1 to 15
Temperature Deviation: -15 to +15 C
Time Delay: 1 to 3 min

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