HM Electronics Coral Stirrer


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HM Electronics Coral Stirrer

Some liquids tend to settle and require stirring before being dosed into the aquarium. The new HM Electronics Coral Stirrer can handle this task with ease. Prior to dosing the magnetic stirrer mixes the liquid to be dosed.  The Magnetic Stirrer works by utilizing a magnetic stir bar placed into a liquid container. Once activated, the stir bar is moved by a rotating counter magnet inside the magnetic stirrer itself. Connect the Coral Stirrer to your Coral Doser and program the function through the MyHME App.


  • Offers simple automated stirring before dosing
  • PTFE covered magnetic bar for optimum stir performance
  • Controlled by MyHME App
  • You don’t need an extra power adapter
  • Adjustable speed and time
  • Suitable for 0.5 to 5 litre containers


  • Model: Coral Stirrer
  • Input: 12 VDC 0.02 A
  • Power Consumption: 0.24W
  • Dimension (mm): 109 x 109 x 40
  • Speed Rate: 500 – 1500 rpm