Coral Box Moon 360 LED


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Coral Box Moon 360 LED

The new Coral Box Moon 360 LED is a further enhancement to the previous Plus V3 version as the worlds first aquarium light with a rotation function and controlled via mobile app. You can set a full sunrise and sunset schedule as well as lightning storms and cloud cover. Look for the “Moon V3” app in the Apple or Android (google) app market. The Coral Box Moon 360 LED has 2 mounting options included.  First is the gooseneck for an easy mounting option to the rim of the aquarium. Second is the hanging kits with standard cables allowing you suspend the light safely over the aquarium. Cooling is via a large aluminium plate on which all LED chips are mounted.  Cool air is drawn in through the side vent or the plastic casing and out the back by a silent brushless fan. The 90 Degree Crystal Ultra Lens maximises the light range and spreads the light evenly over the intended area.

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How to Use the Light

First go to the Apple Store or the Google Play Store and down load the app Moon V3.  Next power on your light and find the unique Aqualed unit in the WIFI list.  Connect to the light and enter the password 12345678.  Open the Moon V3 app and select the light to connect to it. The Program menu allows you to perform the following:

  • Manual mode – set the intensity for each channel and hold this setting 24 x 7 until changed. This is great to previewing and testing the colour spectrum
  • Custom mode – program a daily schedule with 3 to 24 set points
  • Lightning mode – program the frequency and intensity of a simulated lightning storm
  • Cloud mode – program the time and strength of the cloud cover
  • Rotation Mode – specify the time range and angle
  • Toggle switch to switch the entire light on or off

Light Spectrum:



Power: 59 watt at 100%
Size (cm): 17.5 Length x 17.5 width x 3.4 height
LED Chips:

  • Channel 1 White: CREE XTE 5W 7000-8300K 4pcs
  • Channel 2 Blue: CREE XPE 3W Royal Blue 450-465mm 5pcs
  • Channel 3: Epileds Purple 420-425nm 3W 1PCS + Fiji Crystal Blue 400-405nm 3W 1 PCS
  • Channel 4 Moonlight Blue: CREE XP-E 3W 465-485nm 2pcs
  • Channel 5 Green: CREE XP-E 3W 520-535nm 1pcs
  • Channel 6 Red: CREE XP-E 3W 620-630nm 1pcs

Mounting Options available with the light