Aquariums are closed systems so when your tank inhabitants produce waste and toxins it remains in the aquarium until it is removed.  While water changes are essential, filters and filter media are the aquariums life support as they remove the harmful waste and toxins as well as circulating water.  We have many great options to suit both freshwater and marine aquariums of all sizes providing biological, chemical and mechanical filtration.

Because the aquarium is an artificial system the aquarist is responsible for making sure the right biological conditions exist. Biological media creates a place for beneficial bacteria to flourish and transform ammonia through the nitrogen cycle to the less harmful Nitrate.

A mechanical filter such as filter pads and filter socks, traps debris so it can be physically removed.

Carbon removes most harmful elements from your water, such as copper, chlorine, dissolved proteins, carbohydrates and discolorants. Carbon is filled with microscopic pores that cause certain organic or inorganic materials to stick to them

Using all or at least two of the filtration methods is the best process to maintaining perfect water quality. If you are not sure which filters are best for your aquarium Contact Us for expert advice


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Media Bag

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Boyu EF-05

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Resun SP-1200L

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