The most cost effective way to increase your coral population and ensure you have a good stock of your favourite corals is through fragging. The fragging process involves cutting a good sized and acclimatized piece off the parent coral and glue it to a piece of coral rock or frag disk/mounts. This is a good way to earn some extra money from selling corals or giving them as gifts to friends and family. We will be expanding this product group very soon but for now we have a reef safe glue and an easy to use egg crate to build frag shelves in your frag tank.


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Aquarium Coral Glue – 2 x 5g


ISTA Instant Glue is suitable for saltwater or freshwater aquariums
Applied on dry or wet surfaces, or under water
Ideal for adhering decorations, plants, coral, and more
Completely safe for any of your aquarium inhabitants
This package contains 2 individual 5 gram tubes