Quality heaters and in some cases chillers or cooling fans are necessary to keep the temperature in your aquarium at a comfortable level for your tank inhabitants all year round.

Temperature fluctuations often go unnoticed by aquarists and can cause stress to fish and corals so choosing the correct heater or cooling system to maintain a suitable temperature is key to a stable and successful aquarium. Ensure you have a reliable thermometer to monitor the temperature on a regular basis.

Recommended heater sizes are based on a minimum of 1-2 watts per litre to keep aquarium temperatures at optimal levels. Aquarists with larger tanks should consider using more than one heater to safeguard your inhabitants in the unlikely event that your aquarium heater fails.
We carry a wide range of heaters from the nano 15 watt to the 1000 watt externally controlled heater. These include glass walled, stainless steel and titanium heaters with internal thermostats or external controllers. We also carry temperature controllers, elements and cooling fans for the DIY savvy person who wants to build their own temperature controlled system. These controllers can also be used to protect your aquarium from overheating caused by the thermostat heaters that may be stuck on.

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Cooling Fan

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25w Heater

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300w Stainless Steel Heater

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1000w Titanium

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