We have a number Plant Supplies to help you care for your aquarium plants from trimming and planting to fertiliser.

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Aquarium Coral Glue


ISTA Instant Glue is suitable for saltwater or freshwater aquariums
Applied on dry or wet surfaces, or under water
Ideal for adhering decorations, plants, coral, and more
Completely safe for any of your aquarium inhabitants
This package contains 2 individual 4 gram tubes


Aquarium Plant Feeding Syringe


This Aquarium Plant Feeding Syringe is ideal for injection liquid fertiliser into your substrate to provide a source of nutrient for the plant roots.  You can also use it to conveniently measure up to 20ml and add controlled doses of fertiliser and other supplements to the water.

Volume: 20ml syringe
Size: 510mm Tube and 130mm Container

Floating Moss Holder


The Floating Moss Holder is a two part system ideal for creating a variety of floating moss aquascape designs.  Simple to install and set to various levels in the aquarium.

Size (mm): 50 x 34

Root Fertiliser Sticks


These Root Fertiliser Sticks are a perfect source of nutrient for the plants.  Each of the 15 Root Fertiliser Sticks are 35mm long by 10mm in diameter and easy to break up into smaller pieces.

One stick for 20 litres of water
Break sticks and insert directly into the substrate near the roots.