Aquaforest Lab – Ferrum 200ml


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Aquaforest Lab –  Ferrum 1000ml

AF Ferrum is a supplement containing highly concentrated iron. Iron is an important micronutrient absorbed by corals and sea anemones. It provides intense green coloration of corals, especially in Acroporas and other SPS corals. Iron also plays a vital role in photosynthesis and is necessary for adequate coral nutrition. 

  • Designed for saltwater aquariums
  • Concentrated pure iron supplement
  • Important nutrient for metabolism and enzymatic processes
  • Improves green coloration in corals
  • Supports photosynthesis and coral nutrition


1 ml of AF Ferrum increases iron level by 0.001 mg/l in 100 litres (27 US gal) of water.
Recommended level: 0.002 – 0.006 mg/l (ppm).
Recommended dosage: 0.25 ml/100 l (27 US gal) of water daily.
The maximum safe daily dose is 1 ml per 100 litres of water.
Dosage should be based on stocking and individual aquarium needs