Aquaforest Lab – NO3 200 ml


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Aquaforest Lab – NO3 200 ml

Nitrate is an important nutrient for coral growth in closed aquarium systems. An efficient filtration system or the overuse of nutrient-reducing media can sometimes result in low NO3 levels in your tank. Coral-dominant aquarium systems with little fish may also experience too little nitrate to meet the needs of its growing corals. Aquaforest offers a simple solution to this problem with AF NO3+, a concentrated solution of pure nitrates for proper coral growth.

  • Ideal for soft corals, NP corals, SPS corals, and LPS corals
  • Concenctrated solution of pure nitrates for coral growth
  • Designed specifically for marine aquariums

The concentration of nitrates required in an aquarium system is strongly dependent on the level of phosphates in the water. Before attempting to raise the NO3 level in your aquarium, check the PO4 concentration. Keeping your NO3 and PO4 in balance will help to prevent pesky algae growth.


Add 1mL of AF NO3+ to 100L of aquarium water to increase the level of nitrates by 0.5 mg/L (ppm)
The maximum recommended daily dose is 1 mL/100L of water
The optimal nitrate (NO3) value for a reef aquarium is 1-4 mg/L (ppm)
Check nitrate levels frequently and only dose when nitrate levels are too low
Always check PO4 concentrations prior to using NO3
Dose gradually until the desired nitrate level is achieved