Aquaforest Lab – PO4 200 ml


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Aquaforest Lab – PO4 200 ml

Phosphorus is an important nutrient for beneficial zooxanthellae algae that live in sybiosis with corals. Without it, zooxanthellae will starve and die out. Keeping a healthy zooxanthellae population will help provide essential nutrients to corals to keep a healthy and happy reef.

An efficient filtration system or the overuse of nutrient-reducing media can sometimes result in low PO4 levels in your tank, resulting in struggling zooxanthella populations and imbalanced nitrate levels. Aquaforest offers a simple solution to this problem with AF PO4+, a concentrated solution of pure phosphate for maintaining balanced nutrient levels for zooxanthellae and coral health.

  • Ideal for soft corals, NP corals, SPS corals, and LPS corals
  • Concenctrated solution of phosphates for zooxanthellae and coral health
  • Beneficial for coral-dominant tanks with few fish and heavy filtration
  • Helps prevent coral dyeing, bleaching, and inhibited growth
  • Designed specifically for marine aquariums

The concentration of phosphates required in an aquarium system is strongly dependent on the level of nitrates in the water. Before attempting to raise the PO4 level in your aquarium, check the NO3 concentration. Keeping your NO3 and PO4 in balance will help to prevent pesky algae growth.


Add 1mL of AF PO4+ to 100L of aquarium water to increase the level of phosphates by 0.01 mg/L (ppm)
The maximum recommended daily dose is 1 mL/100L of water
The optimal phosphate (PO4) value for a reef aquarium is 0.03-0.05 mg/L (ppm)
Only use when the PO4 level is very low
Dose gradually until the desired level is achieved