AF110 Filter 3L


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AF110 Filter 3L

The highest quality universal fluidization filter designed for use with various filtration media. Works with activated carbon, phosphate adsorbents and zeolites. Designed by engineers and aquarists, it provides the most efficient filtration even in the most demanding marine tanks. The unique design and the highest tightness allows the reactor to be located both in the sump chamber and outside the aquarium. Due to this, it also works great when there is no space in the sump for setting the filter. The use of the best materials, it is resistant to scratches and discoloration. Ergonomic design and smart-twist system ensure comfort of use and guarantee easy and efficient media replacement. Internal sponges prevent the filter medium from entering the water.

We recommend using the optimal mix of Aquaforest filtration media (Carbon, Phosphate Minus, Zeo Mix).


Comfortable smart-twist opening
Easy-change system – simple media replacement
Adjustable sieves height
Fully leak-proof works outside the sump
Hose ends included
Scratches and discoloration resistant


Diameter: 110mm
Height: 39cm
Accommodates up to: 3L

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