AquaBiomics Microbiome Test


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AquaBiomics Microbiome Test

AquaBiomics Microbiome Test analyses the microbial community in your aquarium using DNA sequencing.  The test identifies the microbes and measures their relative abundance. The report will compare your tanks’s microbiome with other saltwater aquariums and provide you with the necessary information, to develop a customised strategy for adjusting your aquariums microbiome if required.

Instruction Video

BRS 360 Interview Video

 How to sample your tank’s microbiome

  1. Sample microbes from your tank with our custom sampling kit.
  2. Register your sample online at AquaBiomics.
  3. Mail your sample to the New Zealand mailing address in the instructions

 Aquarium Microbiome Reports

  1. Explore the details or get right to the answer — how does your tank’s microbiome compare to those of other saltwater aquaria?
  2. Search for microbes that maintain water quality, and compare your levels with typical reef tanks
  3. Identify cyanobacteria or pathogens and compare their levels in your tank with those in a typical reef tank
  4. Example Reports

 Important Information

AquaBiomics testing is based on batch schedules. Please refer to the Testing Schedule for information on their testing cycles and expected result release.