Aquarium Bubble Wall


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Aquarium Bubble Wall

The Bubble Wall Tube evenly distributes fine bubbles in your aquarium through the super-porous and non-clogging tube. The bubble wall comes complete with suction cups to attach it to your aquarium. Additional bubble walls can be jointed with the enclosed connector and can be cut with a razor blade to divide or shorten. Simply connect to your airline tubing and place it in the desired location. Improves oxygen content and circulation vital for healthy aquarium conditions.

Key Benefits:

The air stone diffuses air to accelerate oxygen replenishment
Helps release carbon dioxide build-up
As the bubbles rise they create water movement
Increases surface agitation


Sizes: 18cm, 25cm, 35cm and 45cm
Material: Plastic
Tube Diameter (Approx.): 1cm
Suction Cup Dia: 2.5cm

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18cm, 25cm, 35cm, 45cm