Aquarium Rock Cave


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Aquarium Rock Cave

Ceramic rock replicas are great homes for tropical fish, most notably Cichlids and Plecos.

These Rock Caves provide a lightweight alternative to real stone in your aquarium. The hollow caves provide shelter, hiding spots and spawning sites for your cichlids. Spacious interiors encourage exploration while providing secure breeding sites and a defensible, stress-reducing refuge. Since they are hollow, they do not displace or reduce the amount of water in your aquarium.


Measurements for these 5 type of Rock Caves:   

  • A – 13.5 X 9 X 6.8cm(L x W x H )
  • B – 11.2 X 9.2 X 7.1cm(L x W x H )
  • C – 10 X 8.5 X 7.8cm(L x W x H )
  • D – 8.1 X 7.6 X 5.4cm(L x W x H )
  • E – 9 X 5.2 X 5cm(L x W x H )

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A, B, C, D, E