Aquarium UV Steriliser 18 Watt


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Aquarium UV Steriliser 18 Watt

Jebo UV Steriliser 18 Watt for aquarium or pond are effective in controlling and eradicating algae spores, bacteria, and protozoa (i.e. ich) present in the water column. It is extremely beneficial in destroying disease-causing pathogens as water is pumped through the unit.   Suitable for aquariums up to 400 litres.


Permanent control over algae blooms
Fast elimination of harmful microorganisms
High clarity Quartz Glass Chamber
Easy set up and tool-free maintenance
Compact ultra violet light bulb included


Maximum water flow: 550 litre/hour
Power: 18 Watt
Size (cm): 29 x 9 x 9
Warranty: 6 months


Water can be pumped through the unit either by submersible pump (not included) or existing canister filter.  The UV Steriliser itself is not submersible.  If you intent to connect the unit to a canister filter it must be installed between the outlet of the filter and the inlet to the aquarium.  

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