Bituminous Carbon 1 litre


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Bituminous Carbon

Bituminous Carbon is the most commonly used carbon in the aquarium industry. The small pore structure results in medium performance combined with low dust and low price. Removes odours, yellowing pigments, pollutants, irritants and medications from your aquarium.

Carbon is not created equal. Different sizes, shapes, and materials will perform with drastically varying results. Bituminous carbon offers good performance at a lower cost.


1 Litre
Iodine Number: 1000
Mesh Size: 6 x 10
Hardness Number: 90


Rinse before use
1 Tablespoon per 4 Gallons (15 litres) of tank water.
Place in an area where water will flow through it.
Use a media bag, canister filter or reactor.
Safe to use in both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

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