Boyu Fish Hatchery FH-101


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Boyu Fish Hatchery FH-101

The Boyu Fish Hatchery for breeding fish and quarantine is made from crystal clear plastic. Designed to float at the top of aquarium and includes suction cups for easy and secure attachment in aquarium. Allows the aquarium water to flow through the hatchery so no additional heaters or filters are required. The 2 layer system provides immediate quarantine for eggs or new born fry from their mothers. A middle removable partition divides the hatchery into two compartments for safe separation and a ventilated cover prevents fish from jumping out. Suitable for freshwater, marine, shrimp, etc.


Safe floating area for fish and fry
Secured to the side of the aquarium with suction cups
Has two enclosed areas
Bottom compartment safely collects and protects falling eggs and fry


Size (cm): 22(L) x 10(W) x 11(H)

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