Bubble Magus Automatic Roller Filter ARF-M


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Bubble Magus Automatic Roller Filter ARF-M

Months of Maintenance-Free Filtration!

The Bubble Magus Automatic Roller Filter ARF-M removes the need for filter socks and other methods of pre-filtration in a marine and freshwater aquarium. It reduces the frequency of filter media replacement and constantly ensures perfect water purity and clarity. This Automatic Roller Filter is highly efficient at removing coarse or fine particles in the sump system such as, organic waste, food, algae and anything else that is floating in the water column.

Motor intelligent protection function:

  • When the controller detects the abnormal work of the motor such as a jam or heavy load, it will automatically stop motor operation and indicates an alarm state with a flashing light.
  • When the return pump stops and water rises in the sump causing the filter motor to run for more than 10 seconds, the controller stops the motor and indicates an alarm state with a flashing light. The controller tests the float status every 6 minutes. Once the water level in the chamber recedes the filter operation returns to normal

How the Bubble Magus ARF-M Works?

Water is fed into the internal chamber via the aquarium systems drain, and through the micro nonwoven fleece in the chamber. When the filter fleece clogs the water level rises in the chamber and activates the float switch which triggers the motor to wind on the clogged filter fleece. As the clogged fleece winds onto the motor roll a new fresh piece of fleece moves into the chamber. The water level will then drop and the process will automatically repeat. Once the clean roll of filter fleece is exhausted, remove and replace with a clean roll. Click here for replacement rolls. 

Bubble Magus Micro Non-woven Fleece

The Micro Non-woven Fleece has nano sized pores that can retain even the smallest dirt, including Ichtyo parasite cells. The rolls can be easily and quickly replaced at a low cost. A single roll, depending on the livestock load can last up to 4 months.

Automatic Roller Filter Features:

The second generation of Bubble Magus Automatic Roller Filter
Use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums
High efficiency aquarium filtration system
Automatic controller with protection function
Compact structure, space saving design
Easy to assemble and maintain
Recommended for tanks up to 500 litres
Single 32mm inlet Internal sump mounted
Flexible spiral hose connection to drain pipe


Based Footprint (mm): 170 x 160
Height (mm): 460
Width including motor (mm): 350
Water inlet pipe diameter: 32mm DIN
Filter cloth width: 150mm
Filter cloth length: 25 meters

What’s in the Box?

Filter body
12V DC motor and controller
Water level switch one set
Rimless mounting brackets
12V DC adapter
Fleece roll: 150mm wide and 25 meters long
Spiral hose and clip