Calcium Chloride 1 litre (870g)


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Calcium Chloride – 1 Litre

Calcium Chloride allows you to maintaining proper calcium levels in your tank and helps achieve the essential balance of calcium and alkalinity. This Calcium Chloride is crystalline dihydrate which dissolves crystal clear and doesn’t produce a lot of heat unlike the anhydrous pellets that often mix cloudy and produce a significant amount of heat.

Calcium Chloride may be used as a standalone calcium supplement or for best results, use as part of the popular 2 Part Calcium and Alkalinity solution.  Bromide, Ammonia and Phosphate Free.

Using Calcium Chloride

  • Test current calcium level
  • Add dry calcium chloride with RO/DI or distilled water to create a solution.
  • 1 gram per 10 gallons will raise calcium level approximately 10 ppm. One teaspoon (approx 5.2 g) per 10 gallons will raise calcium 50 ppm.
  • Dissolve appropriate amount in RO/DI or distilled water.
  • It is recommended to dose in partial increments of a third to one half of the total.
  • Wait 24 hours after the first partial dose, check calcium levels, and dose another portion

Recommended Starting Points

Predominantly LPS and soft corals – 0.1ml per gallon

A few hard SPS corals and clams – 0.2ml per gallon

Numerous full sizes SPS colonies and clams – 0.3ml per gallon


Do not add Calcium Chloride directly to your aquarium water. Always test calcium levels prior to use. Calcium concentration found in natural seawater is between 380-450 ppm. Due to the sensitivity of marine organisms, it is not recommended to raise calcium by more than 20 ppm per 24 hours.  Due to the variation of granular size, conversion between volume and weight of powdered products is approximate. As a precaution, dose less than the calculated amount and measure the effect before adding the total amount.


This product becomes hot when mixed with water; use rubber gloves. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Wash hands after handling.

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