Chihiros Dosing Container and Holder Kit


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Chihiros Dosing Container and Holder Kit

The Chihiros Dosing Container and Holder Kit is a set of accessories for the Chihiros Dosing Pump.  The kit includes 4 containers with a maximum volume of 500ml each and a stainless steel Holder.

The Chihiros Dosing Container Holder is made of sturdy and durable metal, ensuring that your 4 containers are kept secure and stable inside a cabinet or mounted to any suitable surface. With a simple and elegant design, this holder allows you to keep your fertilizer jars organized and in a convenient location for easy access.

The Chihiros Dosing Containers are intended to store various fertilizers and additives to use in combination with your Chihiros Dosing Pumps.  Each container comes in a different transparent colour along with measurements to indicate when your containers need refilling and holds a maximum capacity of 500ml of liquid.

View the installation video here

Note: The connectors on these containers are only suitable for 2/4mm hoses. If not used with the Chihiros Dosing Pumps – please check that your current dosing pump is compatible, else an adapter is required.

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  • 4 Dosing Containers
  • Measurement Indicators (mls)
  • Containers are made from transparent and durable Plastic
  • The Holder is made from stainless steel
  • 2 holes for mounting, screws included


Number of dosing containers: 4
Container Volume: 500ml
Tubing dimension: ID-2mm, OD-4mm
Holder Dimension (mm): 207(L) x 73(W) x 60(H)