Chihiros Dosing Containers


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Chihiros Dosing Containers

Check out these Dosing Containers from Chihiros. A total of four dosing containers are provided.

The Chihiros Dosing Containers are intended to store various fertilizers and additives to use in combination with your Chihiros Dosing Pumps.  Each container comes in a different transparent colour along with measurements to indicate when your containers need refilling and holds a maximum capacity of 500ml of liquid.

Note: The connectors on these containers are only suitable for 2/4mm hoses. If not used with the Chihiros Dosing Pumps – please check that your current dosing pump is compatible, else an adapter is required.

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  • 4 Dosing Containers
  • Measurement Indicators (mls)
  • Transparent
  • Durable Plastic


Number of dosing containers: 4
Max Volume: 500ml
Tube dimension: 2mm ID, 4mm OD