Coral Box QPS-16 Plus


Max Power: 40 Watts
Max Flow Rate: 16000 L/Hr
Pump Voltage: 24V
Size (mm): 125 x 90 x 85

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Coral Box QPS-16 Plus

The Coral Box QPS-16 Plus Wavemaker is designed in collaboration with German engineers to give you increased flow and performance with improved reliability and user experience. The improved impeller and rubber absorption pads results in a very low noise level.

The new QPS Plus controller has a back lit LCD display that shows you exactly how the pump is performing and the buttons allow for precise configuration and adjustment.  7 different operating modes are available to achieve a variety of flow and wave patterns simulating natural conditions.  The new timer mode introduces 6 daily timer slots for independent start and end times to enable a wide range of flow patterns throughout the day.  Use the reverse mode with caution as this can injure fish due to the larger gaps in the front of the pump.

The wireless function allows you to synchronise several sub-controllers. Each pump is sold with its own controller which allows you to individually control the flow rate for each pump. The wireless interface achieves accurate synchronisation with the other controllers at less than 0.1 second delay.


Easy installation and maintenance
7 Different operating modes to generate various wave patterns
Adjust the wave frequency or cycle time between pumps
High performance combined with low energy consumption
Pump can rotate 360 degrees
Very silent operation
Magnet base installation with rubber absorption pads
Ceramic shaft for long life and durability
Extra-long cable for ease and comfort of placement
Low voltage, safe, reliable power supply
Night sensor to detect when aquarium lights go out and slows the pump
A custom feed mode with options for 10 minutes or 20 minutes.
Controller operated standalone or second controller by wireless interface (master/follow)
Suitable for fresh water or saltwater aquariums and ponds


Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Max Power: 40 Watts
Max Flow Rate: 16000 L/Hr
Pump Voltage: 24V
Size (mm): 125 x 90 x 85
Power cable: 160cm
Pump control cable: 160cm

Modes of operation:

F1 Stream Mode – One or more pumps can operate at the same time in constant flow.

F2 Pulse Mode – One or more pumps can operate at the same time,in pulse flow.  Pulse the wave by time / flow frequency.

F3 Asynchronous Wave Mode – Shift flow in cycles between 2 or more pumps.  Must have 2 Pumps with WIFI master and slave to run.

F4 Nature Mode – Nature Mode is suitable for LPS coral.

F5 Reef Mode – Reef Mode suitable for SPS coral.

F6 Timer Mode – The power level changes between 30%~100% making a more natural flow pattern.

F7 Reverse Mode – The pump propeller rotates in the opposite direction drawing water in the front to improve cleaning of your aquarium.

F0 Stop Mode – This mode only works in the Timer Mode(F6). This mode stops the Pump running in the programmed time slot.

NIGHT Mode – Slows pump down when lights switch off.

FEED Mode – Pauses the pump for 10 or 20 minutes for fish to feed.

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