Double Junction Lab Grade ORP Probe


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Double Junction Lab Grade ORP Probe

Neptune Double Junction probes will out last most other traditional lab grade probes letting you go longer between calibrations, and having to purchase and replace probes less frequently. The Double Junction isolates the reference gel and probe from proteins and other organics that may otherwise precipitate and clog, shortening the lifespan of the probe.


Longer lasting
Reliable readings
Quality connections
BNC style connector

Most probes have a single chamber to house the actual reference probe and fluid that can become contaminated quickly throwing off readings and requiring calibration quite often. The double junction probes have two chambers that keeps any contaminants that could possibly react with and clog the actual sensing portion of the probe.

What’s Included:

1x Double Junction Lab Grade ORP probe with 3m cord

What is ORP

ORP (Oxidation-reduction potential) measures the ability of bacteria to breakdown or decompose waist and contaminants. ORP depends on the amount of disolved oxygen and other elements in the water so when the OPR is high, there is lots of oxygen present in the water which means the bacteria works more efficiently.

Though not technically correct, oxygen and other elements that contribute to high ORP will effectively help ‘eat’ things that you do not want in the water. When ORP is low, dissolved oxygen is low, which means toxicity of certain metals and contaminants can increase. If there is lots of dead and decaying material in the water that cannot be cleared or decomposed efficiently, your OPR will likely be low and this is obviously not a healthy environment for fish.  In healthy waters, ORP should read high between 300 and 500