Duck Tail Fountain Nozzle


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Duck Tail Fountain Nozzle

When this Duck Tail Fountain Nozzle sprays water, the water flow is sprayed from the flat nozzle to form a duck tail shaped. Under the illumination of underwater lights at night it looks like a colourful peacock fan. For best effects mount the nozzle low to the water and at angles between 35-90 degrees off horizontal axis. This nozzle is water level independent and water supply must be linear, non-turbulent.

Suitable for pond, garden or other landscape places to achieve a spectacular spraying effect.


Length: 95 mm
Diameter: 45 mm
Inlet: 15mm Female thread or 20mm Male thread
Operating Pressure (KPa): 25-60
Flow (m3/h): 3-10
Jet Height (cm): 20-60
Covering Diameter (cm): 50-80