Easy Brine Shrimp Incubator


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Easy Brine Shrimp Incubator

This convenient Brine Shrimp (Artemia) Incubator is the simplest and easiest way to hatch brine shrimp for feeding your fry, small fish or reef life. NOT designed to raise the brine shrimp to full size.


Brine shrimp hatchery (15cm tall x 6.2cm diameter).
Air tubing
Measuring spoons
Silicone suction cups
Check Valve
Air Regulator Valve

Material: Plastic + Silicone
Size: app.15×6.2cm/5.91×2.44in

Required but NOT included

An aquarium air pump, eggs and coarse salt are required and are NOT included.

Brine Shrimp eggs (Artemia Mix) can be found here


Connect air pump, check valve and air regulator value to hatchery.
Fill hatchery to about 90% (or to fill line) with aquarium or clean water.
Add +_ 10 grams course (tonic salt) or hatching salt.
Add 3 – 5 grams brine shrimp eggs.
Allow 24 to 48 hours for brine shrimp to hatch. Hatching time depends on temperature and egg quality. Brine shrimp eggs hatch best at 24 to 29 degrees Celsius.

Using a light source from the top of the incubator reduces hatching times

Collecting the Brine Shrimp is best done by turning off the air and allowing the water to settle. Once the water settles the shrimp sink and the empty shells float. Moving the light source to the bottom of the incubator attracts the shrimp down.  You then allow the live baby brine shrimp to flow out of the airline into a net or container and feed to the fry.