EB632 – Energy Bar 6 Sockets – 240v


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EB632 – Energy Bar 6 Sockets – 240v

The Energy Bar 632 not only has six 220V AC outputs, but also includes an internal 100W 24VDC power supply. That power supply powers three built-in 1LINK ports and two 24VDC accessory ports. Each individual outlet has independent power monitoring and there are individual LED indicators for each outlet. This LED indicates when the outlet is powered. The LED flashes when there is an overload.

With this new Energy Bar 632 you now know when the pump, skimmer, UV device or other device is not operating properly and an alert message can be sent. This enables you to catch problems as they arise and prevent them from getting worse.

Since the Apex receives continuous power consumption data from the Energy Bar 632, it can be set up to notify you when a device is not using power. An example would be a return pump that shows no power consumption. Or when a skimmer has a clogged airline because the power consumption is different than normal. These high and low limits can be customized for each individual outlet.

With all the functionalities of the Energy Bar 632, it is almost indispensable. For an excellent result and good health of your fish and coral you have a bigger chance of successfully maintaining your aquarium. The Energy Bar 632 is compatible with the ApexEL Entry Level Kit and the Apex Lab Grade Kit


11 Total power connections for your aquarium devices
6x 240V AC Outlets all switched with relays rated for millions of cycles
3x 1Link 24VDC Smart outlets for devices such as WAV, DOS, etc.
2x Switchable 24VDC outlets for accessories such as small pumps, solenoids, fans etc.
Built-in 100 watt 24V DC Power Supply
Individual outlet current monitoring with specialized software to help optimize control and use less power – helping not just your wallet, but the environment as well.


This package includes the new EB632 with Schuko outlets with low profile international sockets installed to support NZ plugs.