GHL ProfiLux 4 Mega-Set 6E White


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GHL ProfiLux 4 Mega-Set 6E White

Superior in Every Way

This Mega-Set 6E with the ProfiLux4 Controller is adapted for marine and freshwater aquariums. This set is ideal for measuring and controlling temperature, redox, conductivity and pH-value and for creating true-to life illumination effects.

ProfiLux 4 can be upgraded with expansion cards. The bus-system (ProfiLux Aquatic Bus) additionally offers great options for further extensions.

ProfiLux Ports and Expansion

Features and Benefits:

Multi-channel Lighting Control
Lab Grade Measurement and Controllability
Versatile Pump Control
Unparalleled Security
Unique Connectivity Options
Rock-Solid Hardware
Wide Range of Expansion
Professional Software
Additional Features and Functions

The ProfiLux® aquarium controller offers everything the ambitious aquarist needs to achieve success.

From form to function, the ProfiLux 4 is well-equipped to manage important tasks such as lighting control, water parameter measurement/control, level control, flow measurement, pump control, and much more. Fitted with the most on-board connections available, the P4 also includes integrated modules for measuring Conductance (adjustable: fresh or saltwater), Temperature, pH, and Redox. Connections for level sensors, flow sensors, leakage sensors, and 1-10V interfaces are also included.

GHL Control All

Built-in WiFi and USB connections ensure optimal connectivity to keep you well informed about the status of your aquarium via web interface, app, e-mail, and myGHL cloud service.


The ProfiLux® aquarium controller is globally recognized for its outstanding accuracy and reliability. From private users to research institutions, they all trust in the ProfiLux to provide them with highly accurate data and performance. The exceptional functionality of ProfiLux makes it the preferred controller of professionals and hobbyists alike.

ProfiLux 4 is designed to stand out from the crowd. Offering switchable pH/redox and Conductivity inputs, laboratory grade measurement and accuracy, nearly limitless expansion options, rock-solid hardware, and much more. See for yourself, what it is like to own the ultimate in functionality.

Package Includes:

ProfiLux 4, white
Power supply unit in the specific country version
Digital water temperature sensor
pH-electrode with calibration fluids pH 7 und pH 9
Conductivity electrode with calibration fluid 50 mS
Redox-Sensor with calibration fluid 220 mV
Powerbar 6E with PAB cable 2m
USB cable
Null plug

ProfiLux 4 Package