Helanthium Tenellum Red (Tissue Culture Pot)


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Helanthium Tenellum Red

Helanthium Tenellum Red (formally known as Echinodorus Tenellus before it was reclassified) is best used as a mid to foreground plant. It is a carpeting grass-like plant that bears a close resemblance to a mix between dwarf hair grass and micro swords.

In high-tech aquariums the rich red coloration of the new growth, can quickly become the focal point to a layout. At other times, the use of sparse planting can add depth and dimension to the layout achieving a natural wild look that can be quite pleasing. More time and care is required to maintain such an appearance because the plant naturally wants to continue spreading and filling in.

In an iwagumi layout,  Helanthium Tenellum Red lends itself to being the second-tiered foreground plant. Because it is naturally a plant of marshy habitats, H. tenellum is also well suited to paludariums and terrariums as long as the roots stay submerged. If grown emersed, the leaves will be wider and on shorter stems.

Tissue culture plants are grown in vitro from a state of the art laboratory specialized in propagating aquatic plants. This means you can enjoy strong and healthy plants free from pests and diseases from the start.

Plant Info:

  • Type: Rosette
  • Family Name: Haloragaceae
  • Origin: North America
  • Care: Easy to Moderate
  • Light demand: Moderate to High
  • CO2 : Low to medium
  • Growth rate: Moderate to fast
  • Height (cm): 4 – 6
  • Propagation: Cut the lateral runners