Hex Ceramic Ring 500g


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Hex Ceramic Rings 500g

Hex Ceramic Rings are manufactured from a clay material fired to a high temperature until all the gases in it vaporise, resulting in a very porous ceramic material durable and aquarium safe. The ceramic is formed into hollow tubes to maximise its surface area and allow water to flow around it easily to allow for large bacteria populations to colonies.

Hex Ceramic Rings can be placed in a suitable aquarium filter or sump with good water flow, ready for aerobic bacteria to colonise.  Once the bacteria has taken up residence it will process waste from fish and remove toxins liker Ammonia through the nitrification process.

Maintenance is simple, a gentle rinse in a little aquarium water is sufficient to get rid of any clingy solids. Ceramic Rings are not supposed to be clean.  You must not ever wash bacteria rich ceramic rings under the tap as the Chlorine content will kill the bacteria.

Over time, the pores become blocked with debris and they should be replaced with fresh ones. The best way to do this is to replace 25% of the old one with fresh ones.


Pack Size: 500g
Size (mm): 20 diameter x 20 long

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